Nice to meet you


As An Artist

I am a Self Taught Artist. I have learned various kinds of arts like Quilling, 3D Origami, Glass Painting, Soft Toy Making, Flower Making, Macrame, Clay, etc. by attending Workshops, watching YouTube Videos, and Instagram. My artwork often reflects my unique style and I strive to create beautiful and meaningful pieces. Art is like therapy for me, So I pursued art as a hobby and a side business.


My mom has always encouraged me by helping me connect with different workshops for my art hobby. My father has also seen all my artworks like Mandalas, Quilling, etc. he also gives his honest opinion & supports my artworks. My Brother has also appreciated all my artwork. In short, I have got a supportive family for Art Journey.

Work & Experience

I have successfully graduated from Mumbai University. Apart from that I am pursuing CFP as a career. Also, I have been working as a Social Media Manager as a freelancer. I am Managing Director at GameEon Studios. I offer a range of options for my customers, including setting up stalls at events, taking customized orders, and selling my items online.

a woman in a pink sweater and glasses
a woman in a pink sweater and glasses

My Expertise In Arts



For the past three years, I have developed expertise in Mandala so that anyone can understand the meaning behind art since I write a quote & brief explanation.


For the past seven years, I have been practicing quilling as a hobby which converted into a side business. I have made various projects which you can checkout on Instagram.


Recently, I have developed an interest in macrame which I learn from various YouTube videos.

Clay Art

Recently, I started making some miniatures & earrings with clay. Also, I made a prop Vada Pav (famous Street Food in Mumbai) with the help of clay for an event in IGDC at Hyderabad for GameEon Studios promoting their much-awaited game Mumbai Gullies