Vada Pav Prop

In November 2022, I was invited to showcase my artwork, a lifelike Vada Pav prop, at the IGDC in Hyderabad. The prop was created to represent the Mumbai Gullies game, an upcoming game that perfectly represents the City of Mumbai. Initially, I started by making a trial piece a miniature of the Vada Pav When I was confident I went ahead for made a normal-size Vada pav. The prop was made of a dozen pieces of clay and was painted to look exactly like a real Vada Pav. It was so realistic that security at the event mistook it for real food and refused to allow me into the event. I had to explain to them that it was a prop and that I was an artist invited to showcase my work. After some initial confusion, they eventually let me in.

I was disappointed that the security guards had mistaken my prop for real food, but I was also amused by the situation. It was a testament to the realism of my prop that it had fooled even the security guards. I was glad that I had been able to explain the situation and that they had eventually let me in. I was able to showcase my work and it was well-received by the audience.